There are countries outside of America?



A mockumentary-style digital series that follows the exploits of an inept travel show host  and her sarcastic unpaid intern as they attempt to travel across the globe without a budget…Stay tuned to see how they pull it off!

“Americans Abroad” is produced by Real Art Daily (RAD) Productions. We are a film and theatre production company based in Los Angeles. Our vision is to be a leading cross-functional media company that delivers quality content that entertains, awakens, and encourages female voices and diversity. Real Art Daily (RAD) Productions is a diverse company, with employees representing a wide range of sexualities, gender identities, cultures and nationalities.

Latest Episode: Venice

Come along with us on our Finale Episode in Venice! Many laughs and misadventures to look forward to!

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Welcome to the adventures of two inept Americans, our beloved travel show host and her unpaid intern, traveling abroad via their un-budgeted “Travel Show”.  Click below to travel with us as on this journey across the globe (well maybe not)!

Meet The Creators

Georginna Feyst

Georginna Feyst

Natalia Bortolotti

Natalia Bortolotti

Feyst and Bortolotti conceived the idea while on a trip to Italy, and went on to co-write and produce the project under the Real Art Daily (RAD) Productions company banner. Feyst shares, “It all started when we noticed that the whole kitchen was in the closet, which made us laugh, so the ‘kitchen in the closet’ scene was the first scene we filmed and the series took off from there.”

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