Photos from our adventures

Photo Gallery

A woman getting her picture taking while holding a drink up

happy hour on the cat tree!

A woman sleeping on an airport bench

They need better places to sleep

A woman wearing multiple coats

The only way to carry ten coats

A woman holding a pie up while smiling

Yum! PIE!

A woman throwing pie in another's face

Everyone Loves a good pie…

A woman throwing pie in another's face

…in the face

A portrait of a woman with her face covered by an emoji

Our camera shy intern

A woman driving a cart full of suit cases

Traveling light as always

A woman eating bread

Lovin’ the focaccia in Genova Italy. Did you know focaccia is jealous of pizza

a videographer recording a sick woman in bed

Are we in Paris yet?

Boarding pass and passport laying on a messy desk

Our host desk pre-travel… Clearly, she’s all business

Passport with a bad photo

Protip! Never sneeze when taking your passport photo

A woman running in a store carrying ukuleles

Saving the world, one uke at a time

A woman flexing in front of the Venice beach Muscle Man

Who do you think is stronger?
That’s right I am!

A woman laying in the water at a beach

The water was great!

A woman smiling while under the umbrellas in Genoa Italy

Our host Using her magical hands to hold up umbrellas!

A woman with a heavy coat on in the North Pole

Went to the North Pole! Didn’t even meet santa

A woman being filmed in Barcelona Spain


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