New Mockumentary Web Series ‘Americans Abroad’ Travels The World For Laughs

Traveling the world is glamorous, exciting, luxurious and culturally uplifting, right?! Well, maybe not if you’re an inept travel show host and a disgruntled unpaid intern.

This is the premise of the new mockumentary web series “Americans Abroad,” created by and starring Georginna Feyst and Natalia Bortolotti. The 7-episode series which is currently running fresh installments bi-weekly on YouTube and, catches the exploits of a bumbling Host (Feyst) and her annoyed Intern (Bortolotti) as they attempt to travel around the world. The only problem is they have — no budget.

So far, audiences can catch their chaotic explorations of Genova, Italy and Barcelona, Spain. The whole world is on-edge wondering: where in the world will these two head next?

Produced by Feyst under her production banner Real Art Daily (RAD), the idea for the series hit her during a real-life trip to Italy. “It all started when we noticed that the whole kitchen was in the closet, which made us laugh, so the ‘kitchen in the closet’ scene was the first scene we filmed and the series took off from there,” Feyst explains.

Through RAD, Feyst is on a mission to share meaningful stories that entertain, inform and awaken, while promoting female empowerment, LGBTQIA+, and disabled representation. They are developing a feature film, a music video project working in conjunction with Bortolotti’s Nebula Artist Development, a live-action animated cross-over short, and a new theater production.

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