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Travel Jokes

Talking Beach

Q: What did the beach say to the surfer? 

A: Nothing… it just waved.

Hawaiian geologist

Q: Did you hear about the Hawaiian geologist who died? 

A: Apparently, she fell head over heels in lava.

Beach Day

Q: What’s the best day of the week to go to the beach?

A: SUNday


Had A Neck And Neck Race With Some Water On A Beach. We Tide

Sandy Greeting

Q: How Do Beaches Greet Each Other? 

A:With A ‘Sandshake’

Indecisive land

Hear About The Bit Of Land Near The Sea That Couldn’t Make A Decision? It Wasn’t So Shore.


Hear About The Incredibly Confident Bit Of Land That Met The Sea? It Was 100% Shore About Everything.


You Have To Sand It To Them. Beaches Are Really Good


I Knew An Actor Who’d Only Perform On Beaches. He Lived For The Sanding Ovations


I got 99 problems, but a beach ain’t one.


Keep it plane and simple.

Going South

I once went on a trip to the North Pole It all went south from there.

Flying Deer?

I don’t understand how one of the most widespread traditions in America is about flying reindeers from the north pole. It’s just not clausible.

Italian Ice

What did the Italian airship do when it crashed in the North Pole? It broke the ice.

The Two Poles

My Uncle used to tell me there were two Polands

One at the north pole and one at the south pole.

Santa On Vacation

What does Father Christmas do for his summer holidays? Santa Cruz.

Teleportation Feeling

What do you call that weird sensation when you are suddenly teleported from North Pole to South Pole or vice versa? Bi-polar disorder.

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